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Bos’un Marvin Curry Award

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2015 Bos’un Marvin Curry Award
USS KIDD Ship Superintendent Tim NesSmith presented Frank “Beef” Lewis with the  Historic Naval Ships Association’s Bos’un Marvin Curry Award on the ship’s  gangway on Sept. 24.
NesSmith nominated “Beef” for the prestigious Bos’un Marvin Curry Award  which is given to a museum vessel volunteer or staff member for exceptional  service in the areas of interpretation, maintenance, preservation, and  restoration. Preference is given to non-salaried employees and volunteers  consistently demonstrating competency in their field, a commitment to  excellence, and a strong love for their vessel. Lewis, a Korean War veteran and retired engineer, has been volunteering  aboard KIDD since 1997. Every Thursday, like clockwork, he drives downtown and  spends the day performing a variety of maintenance chores throughout the  venerable destroyer. An avid golfer, he also recruits volunteers for the ship on  the golf course.
“Beef is a real joy to work with,” said USS KIDD Ship Superintendent Tim  NesSmith. “No task is too hard or daunting. There are projects where people say  that it can’t be done; at least not inexpensively. Beef finds a way to persevere  which means that a non-profit museum like us saves thousands of dollars per  year. His positive attitude inspires the entire crew.”
KIDD volunteers have received this award two years in a row: Garrett Lynch  in 2014 and now Lewis in 2015. Lewis received one of five awards garnered by  KIDD staff, volunteers, and supporters in recent weeks; four from the Historic  Naval Ships Association and one from the Louisiana Association of Museums. I’m so proud of “Beef” and excited for all of the KIDD Crew,” said USS KIDD  Executive Director Alejandra Juan. “They’re an inspiration to us and deserve to  be recognized for all of the hard work and effort they’ve put in over the years.  KIDD couldn’t survive without them.”
The Historic Naval Ship Association is a world renowned organization with  188 unique and timeless ships in their fleet. Their mission is to support the  preservation of historic naval vessels and to honor those who have served at sea  in defense of their nations
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