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Food and Beverages
We suggest all groups eat a full meal (dinner) prior to arriving at the USS KIDD for their Overnight stay. Snacks are permitted but your group will be busy touring and food is only allowed in certain areas.

NO ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES of any kind are allowed aboard ship. There are no exceptions to this rule and violators will be promptly dismissed from the premises.
Snacks and drinks are allowed aboard the ship but only under the following conditions:
1.       No food or drinks are allowed below decks in the sleeping areas.
2.       Keep all food and drink items in one or two large ice chests for the group not in individual luggage.
3.       All and food and drinks will be consumed only in the designated areas aboard ship.
4.       No glass containers of any kind allowed for safety reasons.
5.       Why so tough on the food rules? There are some guests (ants, bugs, rats, ect…) that we simply DON’T want aboard ship.
Pizza: Many Overnight Camp groups have pizza delivered and eat it in our Café area prior to heading to the ship. If you are going to be ordering pizza, please let us know so our tour guides can accommodate your group. Domino’s Pizza, (225) 383- 3030, is the closest delivery service available. Please keep in mind that you will have to supply your own plates, napkins and drinks in order for your group to dine.

Overnight Camp Safety Rules
We are delighted that you have chosen the USS KIDD for your camping adventure! Please keep in mind that this ship was built in 1942 before modern day safety practices were in effect. The ladders are steep, the decks can be slippery and a lot of equipment is literally underfoot. In short, everyone needs to be attentive to potential hazards while aboard and observe all of the rules. These rules have been developed over the course of conducting 20 years’ worth of overnight camps and take everyone’s safety into consideration.
Group Coordinators: Please distribute these rules to your Parents.
Parents: Please go over the following rules with your children:

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