Packing Suggestions / Accomodations - USS Kidd

Baton Rouge Louisiana
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Packing Suggestions / Accomodations

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Packing Tips for your Overnight Camping Experience
1.       Pack light . . . VERY LIGHT!!!
2.       Don’t put any foods, drinks, candy, chewing gum, nor anything edible (except medicine) in your personal gear.
3.       Keep in mind that the more you bring, the more you will have to carry.
4.       Please note that ladders aboard a World War II destroyer are 70 degrees in angle and you will have to move your gear up and down several ladders during your stay.
5.       Bring only what can be stored beneath or beside your bunk without creating an obstruction for others to walk safely because there isn’t much storage space aboard the KIDD.

Suggested Supplies

*** Sleeping Bag *** Blanket *** Extra Blanket (cold weather) *** Personal Toiletries ***                                *** Comfortable Sleep Wear *** Shower Shoes *** Change of Clothes *** Flashlight ***                                     *** Tennis Shoes *** Personal Medications ***

Sleeping/Bunking Arrangements

There are 5 berthing compartments aboard the USS KIDD with a varied number of bunks in each space. Your space will be assigned to you upon arrival and will depend upon the size of each group.
We ensure each group has a separate sleeping compartment.
Groups do not have to be all male or all female. However, we understand that some organizations require separate bunking for males and females. Any requests for separate accommodations must be made when making your reservation or your request cannot be guaranteed.
The sleeping compartments are air conditioned and/or heated for the comfort of our guests.
Keep all valuables (cameras, purses, wallets, etc.) with you at all times to deter theft.

Shower facilities are available but you must provide your own soap, towels and washcloths.  It is best to shower prior to bedtime, as time is limited for such activities during the morning.

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