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Penalties/ Parking /Emergencies/Souvenirs

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Parking at the USS KIDD
Parking is available on River Road in front of the USS KIDD where it says “Visitor Parking”, at the Baton Rouge River Center (parking fee) or the Belle of Baton Rouge Casino (free). Please unload all children and any heavy items (ice chests, overnight bags, etc…) at the museum’s front door prior to parking your vehicle. The USS KIDD assumes no liability for losses of or damage to vehicles parked in front of the museum.

You’ve read the rules, now here are the penalties for breaking them.  Drum roll, please!
DEFCON 1 — Warning issued.
DEFCON 2 — 10 minute time-out.
DEFCON 3 — Child put to bed with parent or guardian supervising.
Keep in mind that these rules apply to adults as well. Repeated failure to comply with these safety rules will result in
DEFCON 4 — Removal from the premises.

USS KIDD Souvenirs
What better way to remember your stay than to purchase a unique USS KIDD souvenir? We have several exclusive and military items to choose from in our Gift Shop (located on the first floor of the museum).  For more information about souvenirs, please contact the Gift Shop: (225) 342-1942, Ext. 16.


If you need to be reached in the event of an emergency while staying aboard the USS KIDD, our telephone number is (225) 342-1942. Once the automated system picks up callers should dial 0 for the Operator in order to reach the personnel aboard ship.
Medical & Health Information
Things to Consider:
Scenario # 1: Mr. Jones invites his son’s friend Mike along for the overnight camp. Mike is not a member of the Cub Scouts so Mr. Jones doesn’t fill out any permission slips or medical waivers for him. Mike gets hurt and needs to go to the Emergency Room for treatment. Mike’s medical attention has to be delayed until his parents can be tracked down and consent to having him treated.
Scenario # 2: Mr. Smith is planning an outing for his youth group. He has collected medical release forms for all of the kids attending without their parents. For those attending WITH their parents, he has not bothered. On the day of the trip, Susie’s father gets called into work at the last moment and cannot go. During the trip, Susie gets hurt and needs medical attention. Mr. Smith has no medical release form because he thought Susie’s dad would be there.
Scenario # 3: Mrs. Anderson takes her class on a field trip. She has collected medical release forms for all of the students, however, she forgets the forms at home. One of the students gets hurt on the trip and needs medical attention. Mrs. Anderson must now track down a parent or guardian to get the student treated.
> The above scenarios have all happened in the past (the names have been changed) while groups visited the USS KIDD. We highly suggest that all group coordinators to have some type of permission slip or medical release form on-site for each child participating in a group tour or overnight camping experience with aboard the USS KIDD in case of an emergency.

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