Tin Can Tales - USS Kidd

Baton Rouge Louisiana
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Tin Can Tales

The USS KIDD Veterans Museum is offering two exclusive overnight tours, of both  the ship and museum, to small groups of friends and families on Friday, Oct .7th.
‘Tin Can Tales’ alludes to the  moniker given to destroyers, like the KIDD, whose hulls were “as thin as tin  cans” compared to the foot-thick steel of larger battleships and aircraft  carriers. “These two exclusive overnight camps will provide unforgettable experiences  for our guests,” said Alex Juan, USS KIDD Veterans Museum Executive Director.  “Overnight camps normally require a minimum of 20 people per group which can get  expensive for small families or groups of friends. Tin Can Tales, however, will  give smaller groups the opportunity to spend the night aboard a Fletcher-class  Destroyer while getting a behind-the-scenes tour of the ship and museum from our  resident historian Tim NesSmith.”
USS KIDD Ship Superintendent Tim NesSmith has devoted 20 years to the study  of the USS KIDD, Louisiana and U.S. military history. He started out as a USS  KIDD tour guide back in 1995. These days, he oversees the restoration and  interpretation of KIDD as her Ship Superintendent and as the museum’s  Educational Outreach Coordinator. “Everyone loves a good story,” NesSmith said. “One of the hallmarks of  being an ‘Old Salt’ in the Navy is the ability to tell a good tale. Tin Can  Tales is a collection of some of the best stories shared with us by the  thousands of sailors, soldiers, marines and airmen that have visited over the  years.”
The USS KIDD Veterans Museum has been committed to diversifying its  programming and has garnered a great deal of local, national and international  support in the past 18 months for its innovative efforts. The adult’s only  “Twilight Tour” series held last fall proved to be very popular in Baton Rouge.  The themed First Free Sunday program is now drawing in between 700 - 1,000  guests per month. Tin Can Tales in just another way KIDD is making learning fun  for all ages.

So grab your sleeping bag and some snacks and prepare to spend the night  aboard the USS KIDD to hear tales of her glory days!
For more information or to sign up for these events, please call (225)  342-1942 or email Reservations@usskidd.com soon because  these spots will fill up quickly.
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